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Please fill out all the fields in this application. Your application will be processed by Verotel, the payment processor of Diablo Sun Devils. Your funds will be directly paid out by Verotel in US dollars and by ACH, International wire or US check every week, every two weeks or every four weeks; payments are sent on Mondays according to the frequency selected. More information on the Verotel terms and conditions are available in the Verotel Control Center.

After you have submitted this application, you will be able to access the Verotel Control Center at In the Verotel Control Center, you will be able to review the sales generated by your banners, and the commissions that will be paid out to you. You will receive an email with an accesscode (Verotel ID and Secret) to the Control Center and you will also receive HTML code to implement on your webpages.

If you are already a reseller for another website and you want to add this website to your existing Verotel Reseller account OR if you already have a Verotel merchant account ID, please click "I already am a reseller"

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